A bit about me

Hello, my name is Manroop Ahitan. I’m 42 years old and the founder of Colaz Franchising LTD. My company specializes in providing beauty and aesthetic treatments. I have more than 15 years of experience in the beauty and aesthetic fields. The motivating thought that propelled me forward on the journey to my own business was, “Why work for a company when I can run my own?”

I’m not here to offer you some “get rich quick” scheme and you probably already know those are about as useful as the “lose weight while sitting on the couch eating whatever you like” methods.

I want to tell you honestly how I got to this point – the highs and lows of my journey; and how by using drive, initiative, and a clear vision I began to thrive both personally and professionally.

I started my business with one clinic and it’s now a group of 9 independent franchises, fully operational by the franchisees, and the best part is – we’re still growing.

Over time I developed systems and methodologies that work to make any business successful.

These systems resulted in the growth and development of the CoLaz Franchising LTD brand.


Life is rarely without challenges and how we address these challenges is what makes all the difference. I’ve not always been as fortunate as I am now, but I was able to envision the bigger picture and that’s what helped me grow.

In the beginning I, like you probably do, worked at least 10 hours a day, seven days a week handling multiple business roles. My personal life suffered. Then I got pregnant but I kept working long hours. I took only two weeks off after giving birth and had to leave my newborn baby with my mother-in-law and hired numerous babysitters. Eventually I was unable to sleep, my marriage was breaking down, and I began to suffer from stress and anxiety.
All I wanted was to spend more time with my family. Was that too much to ask?

So, I talked with my husband. We knew the business idea was a good one so we researched how to systemise the entire business so it could run on its own for the most part.
Then, once one clinic was running smoothly, we decided to expand and—well, you know the rest.

As the business grew, different challenges arose – underperformance of management/staff, poor sales, management anxiety, bullying in the workplace, etc. I started coaching managers/staff and thoroughly enjoyed it. Eventually this led me down a path of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and researching spiritual leaders. If you’re not familiar with NLP, in its most simplistic terms, it’s a way of changing our thoughts and behaviors to help us achieve
success in life.

Too often negative thoughts run through our brains nonstop like hamsters on a treadmill. Our limiting emotions and limiting beliefs affect our lives and hold us back. In order to reach our true potential we need to move beyond these negative emotions and beliefs.

I put everything I learned into practice in my business and the feedback from my staff, franchisees, and family was amazing. I learned that running a business is not about working in it “till death do us part”; it’s bigger and more meaningful than that.

What can I offer you?

While I worked, studied, and developed my ideas, I found my business and personal life began to improve. I used everything I’ve studied over the years to create a program to help others succeed. My expertise and passion are growing small businesses in line with the owners’ vision.

While exploring my negative emotions and limiting beliefs, I broke my own negative patterns and reached my true potential. I’m offering you the same experience. I will lead you, as a business owner, through modules designed to break the patterns of your past, so you too can meet your business and life goals.

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